What Millions of People Have in Common with our Homeless
Covid-19, 2020

*Almost everywhere you want to go, you can’t.

*You’re trying to figure out how to get basic necessities like toilet paper.

*You’re asking for help over and over but you can’t get anyone on the phone,

websites keep crashing and faxes won’t go through.

*You’re having to prove who you are, where you’ve worked and when you

last worked there. Do you have ID?

*You’re wondering how you will eat today, tomorrow and next week.

* People are afraid to stand next to you.

*You feel ignored, forgotten. Services are so overwhelmed that no-one can get to

you as quickly as you need them too.

*You realize that it doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked or that you have

paid your bills on time.

*You can't believe that you asking strangers for food.

*You wonder if you are going to lose everything you have worked for.

*You feel sad and angry, sometimes both at the same time.

*You don’t want your family to know how bad things are getting.

*You find a private place to cry.

*It’s getting harder to stay hopeful.

*You just want a good night’s sleep.

*You wonder if you will ever get your life back on track.

*You’re willing to settle for less because something is better than nothing.

*You’ve done everything right and you wonder how this could happen…


In January of 2020 we counted 580,466 homeless persons across America. At one time,

these folks didn’t think they had anything in common with the homeless and now they

are our homeless. It can happen to anyone.

J. Biondolillo

Artist and Advocate

All Rights Reserved